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Dear Colleague and Friend,

Why organizing another course on facial infiltratives? Volume & Expression is a different course concept, because it pushes the pace to the limit, analyzing all the controversial aspects of the techniques and presenting them in an extremely didactic and practical way. The model, proven successful in Spain, is now available in Italy, being an honor to invite you to Volume & Expression Rome, which is structured in 3 days, with one segment on fillers, one on facial fat grafting and one on botulinum toxin.

The course is limited to only 30 attendants, for though a great emphasis is put into the practical activities, which allow each physician to take as much as possible, right back into their practice.

You will be astonished with the benefits from the course, taking your surgical skills to the next level.

- Day 1 Analyzes the different aspects of volume augmentation through infiltratives, describes all techniques from basic to complex, and gets deep into the weak spots, such as pain management, adverse events and complex patients. Intense practical silicone model and patient treatments are shown.

- Day 2 Facial fat grafting segment, introduce you to the latest advances regarding the use of fat in the face, to obtain the most consistent and reliable results. Time is given to present the new Sharp needle intradermal fat grafting (SNIF) and mesofat techniques. Live surgery is performed to set the theory into practice.

- Day 3 Intermediate to advanced botulinum toxin techniques are revealed, highlighting the importance of dilutions, and exposing the off-label indications, adverse events and practical applications.


One of the most important aspects of the course is that analyzes the face as a whole and teaches you to read the volume and predict the changes in time. Video demonstrations, live surgery, patient’s treatments, and more…


“Rome, was not built in one day, but allow us to show you the latest and more complex volume & expression techniques in three” .

It is always good to have and excuse to come to Rome... Come and join us in July, you won’t regret it!



Sebastian Torres Farr, MD

Director, Volume & Expression Course

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