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28-29 NOVEMBER 2014

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to V&E Stockholm 2104. The course is organized in 2 days modality; and full immersion training in fat grafting, fillers and botulinum toxin is guaranteed.

The course, as in previous editions, is theorical practical. Great importance is given to hands on; all the assistants will have the chance to perform the procedures under guidance.

On the first day, we will revise the evidence and new tendencies on fat grafting. This will allow us to obtain safe and reproducible results. In the afternoon session, a case of facial fat grafting live surgery will be done, in company of the attendants.

The second day, is a review of the technical pearls for succeeding in the application of fillers and botulinum toxin. How to stay away from trouble and maximize patient’s benefits. The afternoon practical session, is among the favorites parts every year; all the attendants will take valuable tools to perform the procedures right after the course in safety and serenity.

Save the date!!!!

Come and join us!!!


Location: Nackakliniken at Finntorps Centrum, Nacka, Stockholm.

Price: Two days, dinner included: SEK 5,000 One day, dinner included: SEK 3,000 One day, dinner excluded: SEK 2,500

For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ROME 18-20 JULY 2013

Course Programme:

Day 1: Intermediate & Advanced techniques on fillers 

Facial harmony and beauty

Facial anatomy applied to infiltratives

Facial aging


Infiltrative techniques

Adverse events

The complex patient

Pain Management

Silicone model and patient treatment demo, and practical techniques for attendants


Day 2: Facial fat grafting course and live surgery 

Histology and physiology of the adipose tissue

Adipose stem cells and skin regeneration (Dr A. Trivisonno)

Facial lipofilling anesthesia, extraction

Processing, technique and results

Sharp needle intradermal fat grafting (SNIF), mesofat, and subscision

Platelet rich plasma

Live surgery case 1: Facial fat grafting full face

Live surgery case 2: Snif, mesofat and subscision


Day 3: Intermediate & Advanced techniques on botulinum toxin 

Botulinum toxins, generalities, types, adverse events

The technique

Botulinum toxin: a matter of dilution - off label indications

Botulinum toxin in hyperhidrosis

Silicone model and patient treatment demo, and practical techniques for attendants



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